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That all depends on what you want the website to do, it will be worth spending one hour of your time and write all website functionality, like do you want to edit the website yourself or pay someone to do it for you. You may want users to have there own login password area, you may want to sell products. It vitally important that you know what you want from your website as it makes like difficult once the project has already been sarted and will no doubt cost extra.
A static website is a website that no real functionality, ideal for a brochure website where you simply just want to say here i am and heres my contact number.
That all depends on what type of website you have, if you have one that is dymanic in the website holds products you may have to pay that fee so that the web designer can maintain the database or even the server. Gererally a static website requires no maintainence
In simple, YES. All too offen i have come accross situations whereby a customer has had a website made for them and they web designer has purchased the domain name on the customers behalf, however they have registered it in there name not the customers. The problem comes when the customer says "I'd like some else to look after my website." At this point web designers can become a little naughty and say yes that fine but youll have to buy a new domain name which can leave the customer committed to stay where they are.
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